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Q: What are some of New Jerseys sport teams?
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What are New Jerseys sport teams called?

nets giants jets Devils or at least the giants and jets play in new jersey

What is new jerseys basketball team?

what is new jerseys basketball teams

What are New Jerseys select lacrosse teams?

Steps lacrosse

Do hockey teams change their jerseys every season?

No. It may have seemed like that after this season, but it was because Reebok came out with new jerseys call RBK EDGE, so i guess since the teams were all getting new jerseys they figured they would change their logo. Besides that teams usually only change their jerseys when they don't to be linked to teams in the past AKA if their team has had a bad history.

What do the C emblems on many NFL player's jerseys designate?

"C" stands for Captain.....however, not all teams captains are wearing C's on their jerseys......this is new and some of the teams aren't up to speed and some teams choose not to use this system because they have different captains throughout the year. Tammy D.

How does a pro sport team wash jerseys and equipement between back to back games in different cities?

They get all new jerseys.

What is New Jersey's sport teams?

the nets

What are New Jerseys natural resources?

Some of New Jerseys natural resources are iron ore granite and some types of metal

How many baseball teams do not put names on the back of their jerseys?

Currently, 3 teams do not display their players names on the back of their home jerseys. They are the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and San Francisco Giants. The Yankees also do not display their names on their road jerseys.

New York sport teams?

i thinks it cossr

City with most sport teams wins?

New York.

Top sport teams in 1920s?

New York Yankees

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