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throwing the heavy stone ball and lifting the wooden pole.

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Football Baseball Basketball Soccer Tennis Softball Swimming Wrestling Golf Cricket Lacrosse Dodgeball Kickball Matball Double Matball Air ball etc.

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Well there are diffrent traditional sports for each countrey. Like Indonesia their's is Soccer. But soccer is also plzyed in other places too. And America's traditional sport is Rugby.

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Q: What are some traditional sports?
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Spain does not actually have a national sport

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sports that you make up

What is the traditional Japanese sport?

Traditional Japanese sports include:SumoKendoAikidoJudoKarateKyudo

Participation in traditional team sports of football basketball and baseball has dropped 30 percent while extreme sports have grown at a rate of?

There is a decrease in extreme sports as well as traditional sports.

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Aikido, Ken-do, Judo, Sumo, Kyudo, Karate, Naginata are all traditional Japanese sports

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Gaelic Football and Hurling, which are Ireland's two national sports.

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football (soccer)

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