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Gaelic Football and Hurling, which are Ireland's two national sports.

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Q: What are Irish traditional sports?
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What Irish sports car is made of aluminium?

There is no irish sports car

When was Irish Sports Council created?

Irish Sports Council was created in 1999.

What are some arts in ireland?

Irish dancing is traditional and traditional music and instruments are too Irish arts.

What music is used for Irish dancing?

traditional Irish music

Is a kimono a traditional Irish costume?

No. It is a traditional Japanese costume:)

What are the Irish sports represented in Summer Olympics?

There are no specifically Irish sports as part of the Olympics, such as Ireland's national sports, Gaelic Football and Hurling. Irish Olympians participate in various sports at the Olympics such as athletics, boxing, swimming , equestrian sports and others.

What is the traditional Irish Halloween drink made with?

A traditional Irish Halloween drink is Lamb's Wool which is made with milk and crushed.. what?

What are the traditional sports in Ireland?

Gaelic Football and Hurling are the two biggest sports in Ireland and they are traditional sports and very unique.

What is the Irish translation for name Cayden?

The name is not a traditional Irish name and has no historical Irish spelling.

Which is a traditional Irish sport?


Traditional Irish people?


What are some traditional sports of Spain?

Bull fighting and football (soccer) are a couple of Spain's traditional sports.

Where can you find information on traditional Irish courtships?

Try the link The Irish in Love

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What is a claddaugh?

'Claddagh' is an Irish traditional ring.

What are the traditional Irish dish and drink?

there is none

What meat is in traditional irish stew?


What are the words to the Irish Blessing?

There are numerous traditional Irish blessings. This question is not specific enough.

What are non-traditional sports?

sports that you make up

Participation in traditional team sports of football basketball and baseball has dropped 30 percent while extreme sports have grown at a rate of?

There is a decrease in extreme sports as well as traditional sports.

What is the most famous Irish meal?

Corned Beef and Cabbage is considered a traditional Irish meal.

What are some Irish traditional foods?

Cabbage Soup; Irish Stew; potatoes, soda bread

Is apple barley pudding Irish?

Yes, apple barley pudding is a traditional Irish recipe.

Traditional sports in India?


What is the traditional food dish in Ireland?

Irish stew