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football and college baskeball

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Q: What are popular sports in Tennessee?
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What are some popular sports in Tennessee and why?

Football- southern thing and very popular sport Basketball- just overall popular sport Baseball- i know they play a lot of baseball in Tennessee other sports include lacrosse hockey all three sports which i know have teams in/from Tennessee soccer

What Tennessee sport is the Vols referring to?

'The Vols' is a popular nickname for the Tennessee Volunteers and Lady Volunteers. The Vols are the National Collegiate Athletic Association college sports teams at the University of Tennessee which is located in Knoxville, Tennessee.

When was Fox Sports Tennessee created?

Fox Sports Tennessee was created in 2008.

What sports are famous in Tennessee?

Tennessee Titans are a football team in the National Football League. Nashville Predators are a team in the National Hockey League. Memphis Grizzlies are a professional basketball team in the National Basketball Association. Football, basketball and baseball are popular sports at the Tennessee colleges and universities.

What are Nashville Tennessee's pro sports team's names?

.. NFL: Tennessee Titans

What is a popular food in Tennessee?

Type your answer here... Tennessee's most popular food is Sweet potatoes!!!!!!

What food is popular in Tennessee?

Type your answer here... Tennessee's most popular food is Sweet potatoes!!!!!!

What are the sports teams in Tennessee?

get stuffed get stuffed

What sports are played in Tennessee?

Football and Basketball.

What is pop sports?

POP:it stands for popular so pop sports mean popular sports

Why are sports popular?

Sports are popular, because with that you stape in good shape

What is the most popular sports in visa?

the most popular sports is football

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