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Q: What were some popular Australian sports in the 1960's?
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What were some popular sports in the 1960s?

stick ball

What were some popular sports in the 1960's?

Cricket, Tennis and Australian Rules Football

What are some popular drinks in the 1960s?


What were some popular make up brands of the 1960s?

The same brands that are popular now, with the exception of some brands like MAC that didn't exist then, were popular in the 1960s.

What did people were for fashion accessories in t e 1960s?

what were some popular accessories in the 1960s

What were some popular sports in the 1920s?

Some of the sports back in the 1920's were basketball, golf, hockey etc In Australia, some popular sports activities at the time were Australian football in the southern states, cricket, tennis, croquet among older women and field hockey in Western Australia

What musical trios were popular in the 1960s?

Some of the popular trios of the 1960s were:CreamCrosby, Stills and NashKingston TrioPeter, Paul and MaryBee GeesWeaversSupremes

What are some popular sports in Connecticut?

soccer and hiking are some of the most popular sports in Connecticut

What are some sports played in Iceland?

Popular sports include handball, football, athletics, basketball, golf, volleyball, tennis, swimming, and chess; horseback riding on Icelandic horses is also popular and recently Australian Football and Archery..

What are some popular foods in the 1960s?

Some popular foods back then were cheeseburgers,fries, and malts and shakes.

What of some sports Australian people played?


What are some of the more popular sports?

Some of the more popular sports, depending on which country you're from, would include American football, football (soccer), baseball, basketball, rugby, ice hockey, Australian rules football. Even though some sports are not very popular, it really comes down to where you live. For example, take auto racing, NASCAR is popular in the United States, but Formula One is more popular outside the US.

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