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racoon hunting

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Q: What are some major sports in Tennessee?
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What are some major lakes in Tennessee?

The Chickamauga lake and the Kentucky lake are some of the major lakes in Tennessee. The Norris lake is another major lake in Tennessee.

What are some major industries of Tennessee?


When was Fox Sports Tennessee created?

Fox Sports Tennessee was created in 2008.

What are some major sports?


What are some popular sports in Tennessee and why?

Football- southern thing and very popular sport Basketball- just overall popular sport Baseball- i know they play a lot of baseball in Tennessee other sports include lacrosse hockey all three sports which i know have teams in/from Tennessee soccer

What are some major landforms in the state of Tennessee?

look out mountain

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What are some major colombian sports?


What are some major sports in Maryland?


What are some Major sports in Vermont?

snowboarding, skiing, horseback riding, and sledding; are just the major sports. There are however WAY more!

What are some major sports in Singapore?

Ping pong

What are the major physical features in the State of Tennessee?

some important physical features in tennessee is mountains, grass, flowers, people(;

What are some major sports that are played in Germany?

football (soccer)

What are some major sports in Costa Rica?

Soccer and Skateboarding!

What are some major sports in Louisiana?

Football, Baseball, Basketball

What are some of New Hampshire's major sports?

skiing hokey

What are Sweden's sports?

Kayaking, skiing, soccer, and tennis are some of Sweden's major sports. other sports are just like ours!

What sports are played in Tennessee?

Football and Basketball.

What are the sports teams in Tennessee?

get stuffed get stuffed

What is some of Costa Rica major sports?

SoccerWater SportsSkateboardingCyclingMartial Arts

What are some of Tennessee landforms and bodies of water?

The Great Smokey Mountains are in eastern Tennessee. The major rivers in Tennessee are the Tennessee River, Mississippi River, Cumberland River, Clinch River, and Duck River. The major lakes in Tennessee are the Kentucky Lake, Norris Lake, Chickamauga Lake, Cherokee Lake, and Tims Ford Reservoir.

What are Tennessee's major landforms?

There are many land forms in Tennessee. The Appalachian Valley, Appalachian Mountain system, The Cumberland Plateau, Lookout Mountain and the Tennessee Highlands are some of Tennessee's major landforms.

What are some major cites of Tennessee?

Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga and Clarksville are the five most populous cities in Tennessee. Nashville is located in central Tennessee. Memphis is in southwestern Tennessee. Knoxville and Chattanooga are in eastern Tennessee. Clarksville is in north-central Tennessee near the Kentucky-Tennessee border.

What are two major cities in Tennessee?

Nashville and Memphis are the largest cities in Tennessee. Nashville is Tennessee's capital city and is located in central Tennessee. Memphis is the major city in southwest Tennessee.

What is the nickname of sports teams at the University of Tennessee?

The sports teams at the University of Tennessee are nicknamed the Volunteers. In their women's basketball program I have noticed the are referred to as the Lady Vols.