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Q: What are other names for home runs?
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All time home run leader list?

The all time home run leader list is compiled by the professional organization, Major League Baseball. It is updated as needed. The names that top the current list are Barry Bonds with 762 home runs, Hank Aaron with 755 home runs and Babe Ruth with 714 home runs.

Are most runs driven in by home runs doubles singles or other bb hpb etc?


What are the names of major league players who have three home runs in one game?

Please go to the following web site:

Which current MLB teams other than the Yankees do not wear their names on their uniforms either home or away?

The Giants stopped wearing names a few years back and the Red Sox don't wear names on their home jerseys

Who was the pitcher that gave up the most home runs?

Jamie Moyer gave up 511 home runs in his career, more than any other MLB pitcher.

Is there any website for naming your home? includes names celebrities have given their homes, unusual home names and cherished home names, certain year and country's favorite home names.

How many home runs dose Alex Rodriguez need to have more home runs then Barry Bonds?

177 Home Runs. Barry Bonds has 762 Home Runs while A Rod has 585 Home Runs.

What Players have hit forty home runs with their last name starting with the letter M?

Mickey Mantle hit 54 home runs in 1961Roger Maris hit 61 home runs in 1961Tino Martinez hit 44 home runs in 1997Eddie Mathews hit 47 home runs in 1953Willie Mays hit 52 home runs in 1965Willie McCovey hit 45 home runs in 1969Mark McGwire hit 70 home runs in 1998Kevin Mitchell hit 47 home runs in 1989Johnny Mize hit 51 home runs in 1947Dale Murphy hit 44 home runs in 1987

Who has hit the less home runs in MLB history?

The all-time record for fewest home runs in a career is 0, held by David Aardsma, Rafael Betancourt and 10,151 other guys.

What Did bonds do?

Hit more home runs than any other major leaguer in history.

How many walk off home runs has mickey mantle?

The "walk-off" home run is a media made up term and is not an official statistic in baseball. There is no record for "walk-off" home runs for Mantle or any other player.

How many home runs did Thurmon Munson hit in 1977-1978-1979?

Thurman Munson hit 18 home runs in 1977, 6 home runs in 1978, and 3 home runs in 1979.