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because you get to hit the other player

its wicked


adds a bit of fun to the sport

and can bash other people

a strong need to compete and win at all costs.

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Q: What are 5 reasons for violence in sports?
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Why violence in sports is okay?

Violence is only ok in sports with physical contact with other people such as football boxing etc.

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What can you do other than violence?

you can play sports and you can chill with your friends.

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Is violence in sport acceptable?

In some sports it is not only acceptable it is required.

Will pressure lead to violence in sports?

sometimes it can, other times it doesn't

How do you stop violence or rowdiness by participants in sports?

get a shotgun and shoot them all

Who can protect you from sports violence?

you need to train urself to not get invoved in it also if you are about to get hit or see a fight brewwing u shud hide or u shud get behind so the person who can protect you from sports violence is YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

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What is the main cause of violence in sports?

anger ,jealousy, and hurtful trash talk

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What are two reasons Americans are obsessed with sports?

1. Sports are exhilarating. 2. Sports are considered to be a means for recreation.