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sometimes it can, other times it doesn't

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Q: Will pressure lead to violence in sports?
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How many sports involve violence?

All sports have some violence. All sports from boxing to ballet, there is a chance to get hurt.

What causes of violence in sports?

Me >:-)

What does it mean if you love violence?

You have a liking to aggression, and possibly get an adrenaline rush from seeing or engaging in it. It doesn't necessarily make you a bad person, as there is violence in even sports, but letting your love for violence get out of hand can lead you to do bad things and become a bad person.

Why violence in sports is okay?

Violence is only ok in sports with physical contact with other people such as football boxing etc.

Can bullying lead to violence?


Do rap songs lead to violence?

no, the urban violence today is so much more.

What are the effects of Increasing Violence in international sports?


Which of the following may lead to violence?


Who do kids get pressure from in sports?

Kids usually get pressure in sports from their parents. They also get it from their coach, friends, and family.

Where can you find sports violence facts?

Does sports fans encourage violence?

yes of course they do they yell at them

How can violence in sports be controlled?

thay can fine and sue and suspend them

How often does violence occur in sports?

when someone interferes(hurts them).

What can you do other than violence?

you can play sports and you can chill with your friends.

Does peer pressure lead to crime?

Yes, peer pressure can lead to crime and other undesirable characters. Peer pressure can also lead to prostitution and drug abuse.

Is violence in sport acceptable?

In some sports it is not only acceptable it is required.

How do you stop violence or rowdiness by participants in sports?

get a shotgun and shoot them all

Who can protect you from sports violence?

you need to train urself to not get invoved in it also if you are about to get hit or see a fight brewwing u shud hide or u shud get behind so the person who can protect you from sports violence is YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

How is domestic violence seen by society?

Domestic violence is seen by the society as harmful. Violence can to lead to divorce and separation most time leads children into crime.

Does alcohol lead to violence?

Alcohol leads to reduced inhibitions. If the individual is prone to violence, he or she is more likely to become violent.

Why contact sports should banned?

They shouldn't. Contact sports give people a positive way to interact athletically. If it were not for contact sports, there would be much more violence.

What is the main cause of violence in sports?

anger ,jealousy, and hurtful trash talk

What are negative effects of peer pressure?

The negatives effects of peer pressure are the consequences. Peer pressure can ultimately lead to death, jail and or hospitalization. Peer pressure can also lead to STD and pregnancy.

Does sexual selection lead to violence?

GOSH!!!! Why Such A Hard Question To Answer!!!Well Lets See.. Last Time I Checked Sexual Selection DOES NOT lead to violence

What is the normal phase of lead?

Lead is a solid at room temperature and pressure.

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