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Q: What NBA team does john wall play for?
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What NBA team is John Wall on?

The Wizards

What college did NBA player John Wall play for?

NBA player John Wall played for Kentucky.

What team does john wall play for?

John wall played one year at the university of Kentucky and was drafted first overall in the 2010 NBA draft by the Washington wizards which is the team he plays for

What team is john wall on in the NBA?

Washington Wizards

Who does john wall play for in the nba?

Washington wizards

What NBA team did john Sally play for?


Who was the first pick in 2010 NBA draft and what team?

John Wall, Washington Wizards.

What NBA team does John Jenkins play for?

John Jenkins plays for the Atlanta Hawks.

What NBA team does John Salmons play for?

John Salmons plays for the Toronto Raptors.

What NBA team does John Henson play for?

John Henson plays for the Milwaukee Bucks.

What NBA team does John Lucas III play for?

John Lucas III plays for the Utah Jazz.

Is john wall gunna go NBA?

yes john wall is going to the nba. he i playing on the Washington wizards as #2.