What NBA team is John Wall on?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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The Wizards

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Q: What NBA team is John Wall on?
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What NBA team does john wall play for?

John Wall plays for the Washington Wizards

Who was the first pick in 2010 NBA draft and what team?

John Wall, Washington Wizards.

What college did NBA player John Wall play for?

NBA player John Wall played for Kentucky.

Is john wall gunna go NBA?

yes john wall is going to the nba. he i playing on the Washington wizards as #2.

How do you create john wall in NBA 2k9?

find a pic of john wall and copy it from there

Who has the best dougie in the nba?

john wall

Is john wall in NBA live 10 the video game?

Yes, John Wall is in the NBA Live 10 game. Check the reviews.

Is john wall on nba 2k11 game?


What NBA players came from Kentucky?

John Wall