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Flavor 4.25"

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Q: What Is A Light But Strong Scooter Deck?
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How heavy is a blunt scooter deck?

You can calculate it your own, but they differ alot.

How good are district scooter decks?

fairly strong, lightest scooter deck on the market not very expensive

How do you put a new scooter deck on a scooter?

Remove the Real Scooter Wheel and Brake (brake if not fitted to new deck)Loosen Scooter Handlebar Clamp and remove barsRemove headset cups and take out Scooter forksSimple you should be left with a deck. Transfer the new parts if compatible to the new Deck.

What scooter is better a mad gear pro or a inward scooter deck?

madd gear pro with inward deck

What is the lightest stunt scooter?

there are lots of low profile stunt scooter brands that have light scooters, but they are not very strong and will brake within a few weeks. if you are looking for a STRONG, DURABLE light stunt scooter, it is recommended you get a district v4. also, a razor ultra pro is a cheaper option.

What is a good scooter deck?

Go on scooter hut. Com madd gear

What is the difference from a regular scooter and a stunt scooter?

stunt scooter are better quality and the deck can spin 360 degrees

What scooter is better slamm or madd gear?

MADD is better than slamm because the deck is stronger and thicker. Plus the Y-bars are strong.

What is a good cheap scooter deck?

Go on scooter hut. Com madd gear

Does a ultra pro scooter fork fit on a Blunt envy scooter deck?

Yes it can

What is the difference between a scooter and an mgp scooter?

if you mean a regular scooter than the mgp is stronger and wont break easily. The newer models come with a fluted deck and bars making it lighter but still as strong. this mean easier for doing tricks, but if you don't want to do that then i prefer the a razor scooter for casual riding.

What is the width of a french id scooter deck?