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You can calculate it your own, but they differ alot.

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not very but may i sugguest a chrisp scooter they are very light also and have quite strong parts:)

yours sincirley


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Q: How heavy is a blunt scooter deck?
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Does a ultra pro scooter fork fit on a Blunt envy scooter deck?

Yes it can

Can you fit crisp scooter bars on a blunt deck?


What is the best scooter deck in the world?

blunt ace of spades

What is the best scooter deck?

Lucky EVO TSI Integrated Phoenix Integrated Blunt Ace of Spades District v2 easily phoenix MGP nitro

Does blunt 110mm wheels fit on a grit scooter?

Blunt 110mm wheels fit on any scooter gay lord. if you liked scooter you would know that, hope this helps

Where can you buy blunt strippers for your scooter?

ebay, scooter hut, skater hq,

Is mgp scooter better than blunt scooter?

personally i think that mgp nitro and nija scooters are better than blunt that just my opinion

How do you put a new scooter deck on a scooter?

Remove the Real Scooter Wheel and Brake (brake if not fitted to new deck)Loosen Scooter Handlebar Clamp and remove barsRemove headset cups and take out Scooter forksSimple you should be left with a deck. Transfer the new parts if compatible to the new Deck.

What scooter is better a mad gear pro or a inward scooter deck?

madd gear pro with inward deck

Is blunt a good brand for scooters?

blunt scooter are very good i have one my self and i have had it for 5 years and it hasnt broke yet i think they are better then district scooter and even phonix scooters

What is a good scooter deck?

Go on scooter hut. Com madd gear

What is the difference from a regular scooter and a stunt scooter?

stunt scooter are better quality and the deck can spin 360 degrees