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Q: What 6 letter sport has two players in a four walled court?
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How many players are there on each side in the game of netball a female sport similar to basketball?

There are 7 players on court, but you can have up to 12 on the team.

What sport has 10 players on the court at the start of a match?

Basketball - College and Professional. 5 versus 5

How many players are in dodge ball?

LOL! Come on guys! Dodgeball an't even a sport! THere is no fixed amount of players for it! U can have 6156165465160646 players on the court at once if you want!

Is tennis a high impact sport?

No.. unless you are terrible and sometimes get hit by the ball. But as to being a high contact sport, no the players stand on opposite sides of the court/net.

What sport has the most players worldwide?

what sport has the most players worldwide

What is the total number of sport players?

There is averagely 2.158.521.036 sport players in the world

A team sport with 5 players in it?

Basketball is a team sport with 5 players in it.

When was Court of Arbitration for Sport created?

Court of Arbitration for Sport was created in 1984.

What sport players start with the letter C?

Chris Evert, Kim Clijsters and Jimmy Connors are famous tennis players. Cassius Clay is a famous world boxing champion.

What team sport with six players per team?

Volleyball is a sport that requires only 6 players per team.

Are there more sport fans than there are sport players in Puerto Rico?


Who are sport players in India?

they are cricket players most indians will support them