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tennis and Badminton

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Tennis, squash, and racket ball

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Q: In which sports do player use a racket?
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Do you need a tennis racket for Wii sports?

No, you do not need to us a tennis racket, on wii sports! But you can get a racket( like at Wal-mart) but it is optional!

What what is the biggest difference between badminton and other racket sports?

it does not use a ball

What sport uses racquet's?

Two of the most common sports that use rackets are Badminton and paddle ball. Also, tennis and pickle ball are common sports that use a racket.

What sports are racquets used in?

The sports that use rackets are:BadmintonBall BadmintonFrontenisMatkotPelota MixtecaPickleballRacquetballRacquetsRacketlonRapid BallReal TennisSoft TennisSpeedballSpeedmintonSquashSquash TennisStickéTennisXarePlease do not confuse or insert sports that use a "paddle" . A racket is not a paddle. Platform tennis is a paddle as is ping-pong.

How to you get the silver tennis racket in wii sports?

If you have four wii remotes play 4 player and be the fourth player!

What is a tennis player uses that rhymes with packet?


Where do you buy a tennis racket?

You can buy it from sports direct or jjb

What is the national sport of Indonesia?

Racket sports, like badminton, are very, VERY popular sports in Indonesia.

What is the homograph for racket?

One homograph for "racket" is a noise or clamor, while another is a device used in sports such as tennis or badminton.

Clamp used to prevent a sports racket from warping?

it's called a press.

Homograph for loud noise and mesh bat used for in certain sports?

Racket :)

What is name for Clamp used to prevent sports racket from warping?

Press Press