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The Houston Buffaloes, nicknamed the 'Buffs', played minor league ball in the Texas League from 1907-1958 and the Aerican Association fo 1959-1961. They were associated with the St. Louis Cardinals from 1920-1958 and the Chicago Cubs in 1960-1961. The team folded after the 1961 season as the National League had awarded an expansion franchise to begin play in Houston started in 1962.

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Q: Was there a baseball team called the Houston buffs?
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No, the Houston Astros, Houston's major league baseball team, were originally called the Colt .45's

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1962 Houston Colt 45s

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Was Houston ever a minor league baseball team?

Yes, the Houston Buffaloes played between 1903-1961. When the National League expanded into Houston for the 1962 season, the team disbanded.

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