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Q: Who owned the Houston Astros baseball team?
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What Major League baseball team are the Houston Astros affiliated with?

The Houston Astros ARE a Major League Baseball team

What is the mascot for the Houston astros baseball team?

The mascot for the Houston Astros is a large rabbit named Junction Jack

What were the previous names of the Houston Astros baseball team?

Before the the Houston baseball organizatin decided to call their team the Houston Astros they were the Colt 45's. They were the Colts from 1962 until 1965 when they started playing in the Astrodome.

What is the best baseball team in the US?

The Houston Astros are the best

What major league team owns the ValleyCats?

The Tri-City ValleyCats are affiliated with the Houston Astros and owned by Bill Gladstone who is on the Board of Directors of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

What year did the houton astros join the Major League Baseball?

The Major League Baseball (MLB) team known as the Houston Astros originated in the MLB National League (NL) in 1962 as the Houston Colt 45's, changing their name to the Houston Astros in 1965.

What ML baseball team has the record for one hit games?

Houston astros

What is the team salary for the Houston Astros?

The Houston Astros's 2014 team salary is $44474300, 30th in the MLB.

Which president managed and owned a professional sports team?

George W. Bush was a part-owner of the Houston Astros.

Was there a football team in Houston Texas called colt 45?

No, the Houston Astros, Houston's major league baseball team, were originally called the Colt .45's

What national league baseball team will play in the American league next year?

Houston Astros

What team's are getting new uniforms in the Major League Baseball for 2013?

Seattle Mariners,Houston Astros

Where is the Astrodome and who played there?

Houston, Texas ... The Houston Astros MLB team and Houston Oilers NFL team called the Astrodome home.

What is the original name of the Houston Astros?

The Astros entered the National League in 1962 as the Houston Colt 45s. The name was changed to Astros in 1965 when the team moved into the Astrodome.

Which of the following baseball team plays home games in a city west of the Mississippi river atlantas braves Houston astros Cincinnati reds Baltimore orioles?

Texas is west of the Mississippi River. The Houston Astros play in Houston, Texas which is west of the Mississippi River.

Who is the worst team in mlb history?

the houston astros

Who is the worst team in the MLB?

the Houston Astros

What is the current houston astros win-loss record?

The current win to loss record for the Houston Astros baseball team is forty wins to ninety losses. This is a 32.8 percent win to loss ratio which is slightly lower than most teams.

What is a 1975 Houston astros team autographed baseball worth?

1975 Houston Astros Team Signed BaseballA 1975 Houston Astros Team Signed Baseball with the key signature: Richard is worth about $75.-$100. Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the baseball. Prices may also vary based on the amount of signatures, and key signatures acquired. The more complete the baseball with key signatures the more valuable.If the signatures are not properly authenticated the baseball could sell at half the market value or less.

Where can you find the rosters for the Houston Astros to get a list of all the players from the 1970s and 1980s?

Click on the 'Houston Astros' Rosters' link on this page to see the rosters of all Astros team from their inception in 1962.

When did the Houston Astros start playing in the Astrodome?

The Houston Astros began playing in the Astrodome in 1965. It was also the year the team changed their name from the Colt .45's to the Astros.

Which team has most blown saves in 2011?

houston astros

What are team colors of Houston Astros?

They are red,white. and black.

Where is Minute Maid Park?

Minute Maid Park is a ballpark in Houston, Texas, and is the home ground of the baseball team the Houston Astros. For more information on this park, see the Related Link.

Which president ones owned a Major League Baseball team?

George W. Bush was a part-owner of the Houston Astros at one time.