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George Foreman was born in Marshall, Texas and lived in Houston, Texas. He moved to Pleasanton, CA for training. Pleasanton is about 20 miles from Hayward.

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GEORGE EDWARD FOREMAN lived on Melbourne Avenue on the 27000 block in "Lovely Palma Cia Village" Hayward, CA 94545 during his early days as World Champion. He and his visitors parked Corvettes and Rolls Royce's and a parade of Special "Expensive" Cars up & down and on the street.

One HALLOWEEN for Trick or Treat he gave the Children a Big Black 4" Pin Badge with George Foreman World Champion in White Letters. (WHAT A UNIQUE TREAT) From there he moved to a Ranch with acreage near Del Valle Reservoir in the Livermore area where he was purported to be raising Lions for Protection & Fun. From there I sorta lost track of him when I left the area except for His Grill and other Boxing Fame on T V e t c bWs

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Q: Was George Foreman from Hayward CA?
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