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Q: The only tribal sports school of mp is situated where?
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If on a NCAA team can you play club sports?

No because the sports they offer are pretty much club sports. Which means they can only do the school sports. If a school does not offer a sport then they will most likely be able to play.

Is Legon Presec a good school?

the best school in Ghana.not only in terms of academics but in sports,entertianment etc

Did only men become Sioux tribal leaders?

yes only Sioux men became tribal leaders. they became tribal leaders because they had to do a lot of brave deeds and earn a lot of feathers to become a tribal leader.

Who collects the fees in school?

The only fees charged in public schools are for things like sports and they are collected by the school office.

Is holy cross only a sports high school?

no the holy cross has different kinds of sports but according to the handbook no it is not. many people say that is only sports but I'm in holy cross and they do both sports and academics so make sure you don't get confused.

Why should sports be in school?

its so kids wont get fat. its the only exercise some kids get. also people love sports like me

Is there a tribal wars 2?

no the makers of tribal wars have only done one of them so far

What are the high school classes you need to take to be a sports coach?

Your High School classes only have a value in gaining you admission to a college.

What percent of middle school students participate in sports or after school activities?

it is only a miget 45% as some have better thjing 2 do

What is 'my school used to be situated in bournemouth and only had 40 teachers' in German?

"Meine Schule war in Bournemouth und hatte nur 40 Lehrer."

Does being in sports help test scores in school?

It depends on what type of person you are. If you only focus on sports and just barely pass your classes, then no, it wont help your test scores. But if you give just as much if not more effort in school as you do sports then yes it might help. Also being in sports gives less "free time", and most of that "free time" will be spent on school work.

When were boys sports the only professional sports available?

there are no sports only for boys!