The 9 positions of baseball

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In actuality there are potentially 10 positions if the league allows for a designated hitter:

* Pitcher

* Catcher

* 1st Base

* 2nd Base

* 3rd Base

* Shortstop

* Left Field

* Right Field

* Center Field

* Designated Hitter (if allowed)

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Q: The 9 positions of baseball
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What sports has 9 positions?


Who was the last baseball player to play all 9 positions in a 9 inning game?

mike lieberthal

Who was last college baseball player to play 9 positions?

Buster Posey did it in the same game in 2008!

What are the Similarities between Major League Baseball minor league baseball and college baseball?

they all use a bat, a baseball, 9 positions, a coach, a field, bases, and uniforms

How many members are there on a baseball team?

There are 9 positions, you can get away with 8 players at a minimum in little league.

How may positions are there in softball?

9-10 positions

How many positions are there on a baseball field?

There are 9 positions (Pitcher, Catcher, 1st baseman, 2nd baseman, 3rd baseman, Left Fielder, Right Fielder, and Center Fielder, and Shortstop.)

How many positions are there on a softball fields?

There are 9 positions on a softball field.

Can you have 10 players in the line upin baseball?

Sure and you can also play with a soccer ball instead of a baseball. No, while certain leagues may allow you to bat your entire lineup you may only have 9 players as there are only 9 positions.

Where are the baseball players stationed?

In their positions.

How many positions are on the field?


How many baseball players are on the baseball field in Major Leage Baseball?

There are 9 fielders on the baseball field. The positions are: Center Fielder Right Fielder Left Fielder Shortstop Pitcher 2nd Base 1st Base 3rd Base Catcher