Sports in the spring

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Softball and tennis are really fun spring sports

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Q: Sports in the spring
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What sports start in April?

April falls into the season for spring sports, but this season usually starts in March and continues on though April. Some spring sports are softball, rugby, lacrosse, and tennis.

How many sports does Lane Tech have?

Lane Tech has 32 sports. 8 Fall Sports. 10 Winter Sports 11 Spring Sports.

What sports do the Alice spring's people play?


What are the sports in the Olympics that you use a spring board?


What sports are played during spring?

All that I know of is tennis.

What sports should you play in the Spring?

Something like Volleyball.

What are some sports in the spring?

Spring sports include Baseball Boys golf Boys and girls lacrosse Girls soccer Softball Girls tennis andBoys and girls track and field

Are spring training games on tv?

Sometimes they do. Like on Root Sports they had a Seattle Mariners Spring Training game.

What season is good for outdoor sports?

Late Spring or Early Summer.

What sports can you play in the spring?

Track, Softball, Soccer, Baseball and I think lacrosse.

What are some spring sports?

Soccer,football,tennis,lacross,and golf are the ones I know

Which of these is not association with Christmas?

Probably playing spring and summer sports