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All that I know of is tennis.

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Q: What sports are played during spring?
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What sports are played in spring?

One is Lacrosse

When is basketball played?

Basketball is played during the Fall to the Spring

What are the most common outdoor sports in the USA?

There are many sports played outdoors in the USA. Soccer and baseball are among the most popular during the spring and summer months. Golf is also a popular sport.

What sports were played during the American revolution?

Wicket was one of the sports played during the American Revolution. Other sports played included searching for and bringing back cannon balls, and wrestling.

Why were sports played during the renaissance?

A lot of the Renassance Festival was sports. Most of the sports they played then we still play now.

What sports were played during 1700s?


What are winter and summer sports?

Winter sports are those played during the winter season and summer sports are played during the summer. Winter sports include things such as snow sports and wrestling Summer sports include things such as track and field.

Sports in the spring?

Softball and tennis are really fun spring sports

What sports were played during ww1?

the Main sports were baseball, hockey and soccer

What are some sports played during autumn?


When are certain sports played in the us?

Well, there are alot of sports played in the us.My personal fav. is football which is played in the fall.Basketball is played in the spring and baseball is played in the middlr of the 2.I don't know alot but I jope that helps!!

What were some of the sports played during the Renaissance?

Soccer and violent sports were very popular.

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