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Q: Penalty shoot out count for a goal tally?
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In ice hockey is a penalty shot considered a shot on goal?

I am pretty sure that a penalty shot is considered a shot on goal; however, shots from a shoot out do NOT count as a shot on goal.

Does the goal count if you shoot a goal for the other team in Basketball?


Has a goal keeper ever saved all 5 penalties in a penalty shoot out?

No but a English goal keeper has

Does an overtime goal count in hockey towards a hat trick?

Yes, but not if the games goes into a Shoot-out. Shoot-out goals do not count towards a hattrick.

Does a penalty shot goal count for a hat trick in ice hockey?

Yes, Yes it does

Is a soccer penalty kick scored as a shoot on goal?

Yes. There is no scoring difference between a penalty shot during regulation time vs. a goal scored during active play.

In a penalty shootout does a goal count if the goalkeeper saves in then goes in?

No it doesnt count as the kick has been taken and the goalkeeper has saved it

If a goal is scored in the Fifa World Cup Finals third place playoffs match does that goal count towards the overall tally for the tournament?


If a player scores a goal in the Fifa World Cup Finals third place play-off match does that goal count towards his overall tally for the tournament?


Who won the world cup in 2006 and what was there score?

France and Italy drew with one goal each. Italy won by 5 goal to 3 after a penalty shoot out.

Does the penalty end when there is a goal scored?

A 2 minutes penalty ends with a goal. A 5 minutes penalty not.

Where should a field hockey player shoot from?

A goal does not count unless it is shot from inside the 16 yard circle so you should shoot from in the circle.

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