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No but a English goal keeper has

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Q: Has a goal keeper ever saved all 5 penalties in a penalty shoot out?
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How many penalties are usually taken in penalty shoot out?


How many penalties are in football?

Penalty shoot out is best out of 5.

Who takes penalties for Liverpool?

When Gerrard is playing, he takes penalties for liverpool, but otherwise Kuyt takes them. In penalty shoot outs, jamie carragher takes penalties.

How many penalties are taken in penalty shoot-out?

5 for each team. Or until a winner is determined.

How many players must shoot in a penalty shootout?

5 on each team. If it is a draw after 5 penalties each then other players in the team must take the penalties until you have a winner.

Can a goalkeeper shoot a penalty?

yes he can

Who missed penalties in the 2012 champions league final?

Arjen Robben from F.C. Bayern Munich missed a penalty kick in extra time. Juan Mata from Chelsea F.C. and Ivica Olic and Bastian Schweinsteiger from F.C. Bayern Munich in the penalty shoot-out.

In soccer What will happen if the striker makes a foul to the goal keeper ie to hit or make him trip then will the golley hit the direct hit or will they take a penalty shoot on the other side?

Here there will be no penalty given, only a direct free kick from the location of the foul.

Which team have not beat England on pens in a world cup?

England have never won on penalties in the World Cup. The only time they have won in a penalty shoot-out in a major competition was against Spain in Euro 96.

Who shoot Theodore Roosevelt?

A Saloon keeper John Shrank.

Penalty shoot out count for a goal tally?


Was there ever a penalty shoot out in the history of rugby before the semi final last weekend?

Yes there has been penalty shoot outs in union in 2009/10 season

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