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Q: Par We strive for parity among the league's teams?
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par: We strive for parity among the league's teams?


Parity in a sentence?

In high school football there is not always parity of skill levels among the teams. Parity means equal. It became evident that the skill level among the high school football team is not of parity.

How do you spell the word parody that means many teams are equal?

The proper word is parity meaning roughly equal capabilities among competitors.

How many teams are in the major leagues?

30 teams

How many spanish football teams is there?

There are 926 futbol teams in Spain. These teams are comprised of 5 different leagues, La Liga, Segunda, Segunda B, tercera, & Regional's. The number of teams grows to several thousands if you start to factor youth divisions and senior leagues. However, the 5 leagues I listed are really the only ones considered professional leagues as they are paid to play.

How many teams are there in all the major sport leagues?

32 football teams NFL

How many teams were in the CFL at the beginning?

There were nine teams that were in the CFL at the beginning of the leagues formation.

How many basketball teams are in American leagues?


How did separate football teams come about?

It stated with 2 leauges and the the 2 leagues had their own teams .

How many teams are in fifa 11?

I think there is 30 leagues with over 500 teams.

How are the bowling teams set up?

Each league will have their own way of setting teams up. Usually teams form on their own. Some leagues have rules requiring a minimum of a male and female on a team, for mixed leagues.

How many teams played in the old Yankee Stadium?

There were a few different teams in different leagues and most were named the Yankees. The short answer is that there was the baseball team, 7 football teams in different leagues (one being the football Giants) and the Generals and Cosmos were soccer teams.