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That is the International Olympic Committee, formed in 1894.

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Q: Organization overseeing all Olympics
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Are all of the events of the Ancient Olympics in the Modern Olympics?


How many Indian athletes are competing in Olympics 2008?

14 total. They were all sponsored by Mittal Champions, a non-profit organization setup by Lakshmi Mittals Son-in-Law Amit Bathya

How many medals have the US won in all past summer Olympics?

this stupid website only tells about the 2008 Olympics not all past Olympics!

What did the men wear in the Olympics?

At the Olympics all the athletes (who were men) were naked

Why did the ancient Olympics become the modern Olympics?

They didn't. The modern Olympics was restarted in the late 1800's and not directly linked to the ancient Olympics at all.

Is gold all that matters in the Olympics?

no its the onner of getting to the olympics and havind fun

How old do you have to play handball at the Olympics?

16. Like all the Olympics games.

What activities are going to be played in the Olympics?

all games ever played in olympics

Do all countries do all sports in the Olympics?

For all of the countries to do all the sports in the Olympics there has to be a certain amount of them in the team. However it is possible for a country to participate in all of the sports. Some of the countries this year only have a couple of players so no. All of the countries in the Olympics do not do all sports.

Does the Olympics increase pollution?

it will do with all the lights and electrical equipment and that. also all the people moving around trying to get to the olympics

What does a restaurant owner do all day?

The restaurant owner would be supervising the restaurant, overseeing new hires, and paying the bills.

What years have all the summer Olympics occurred?

The Summer Olympics are held in the leap years.