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Hawthorne effect APEX :)

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Q: One of the reasons that participants in experiments are not told what the researcher is testing is because the participants might act differently if they knew When this happens it is known as the?
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What are the Problems in using Experiments in sociology research?

Some challenges in using experiments in sociology research include ethical concerns related to manipulating variables or exposing participants to certain conditions, difficulties in controlling all potential variables in a real-world setting, and limitations in generalizing findings to broader populations due to the controlled nature of experiments. Additionally, experiments may not capture the full complexity of social phenomena or interactions that occur naturally.

What is controlled observation?

Controlled observation is a type of observational study where thesituations areplanned by the researcher. This type of observation may be carried out in a laboratory type situation and because variables are manipulated is said to be high in control. The weakness of the method is that it will be low in ecological validity compared to naturalistic observation. If participants are aware they are being studied they behave differently. by Riziki Kacheche ESM Student ARU-2009/13 Tanzania

Why is it wrong for a researcher to assign the first subjects to show up for an experiment to the experimental group and the second group of subjects to arrive to the control group?

Assigning subjects based on arrival time can introduce bias into the study, as there could be systematic differences between subjects arriving early and those arriving late. This could confound the results of the experiment and make it difficult to determine the true effect of the treatment. It is essential to randomly assign subjects to experimental and control groups to ensure the groups are comparable at the start of the study.

Would the Milgram experiment have worked if the researchers had not used deception Why or why not?

The Milgram experiment likely would not have worked without deception because participants would have been less likely to follow the researcher's instructions to administer increasingly severe shocks if they were aware of the true nature of the study. Deception was used to create a situation where participants felt they had no choice but to follow orders, as they believed they were inflicting real harm.

Who reported the Hawthorne effect?

The Hawthorne effect was first reported by researchers in a series of experiments conducted at the Western Electric Hawthorne Works plant in Cicero, Illinois, between 1924 and 1932. The initial reports were published by Elton Mayo and his colleagues.

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Why do you do controlled experiments?

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