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I think all sports are fun to play, But personally I think Baseball is boring to watch and football and Basketball are the funnest to play and watch.

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Basketball Football Tennis Soccer

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Q: Name a sport that is fun to play but boring to watch?
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Name a sport thats fun to play but boring to watch?

golf, tennis, baseball, soccer, football and basketball

Name sports that are fun to play but boring to watch?

golf and mabey some soccer

Something we can play or watch?


Is it bad for kids to play or watch any sport?


Is it ok to ask a national coach to watch you play your sport?

Well it's okay for a national coach to watch you play a sport if you're any good at it. So if you're good at a sport go ahead and show off.

How To Have Fun on a boring summer day?

hi this is how you have fun on a boring summer day you go outside and play or you can watch tv andlast you could read a book

What should you do for a survey?

Favorite dessert, ice cream, candy, sport team, state, sport to play, sport to watch, etc.

What is Kevin Jonas' favorite sport to watch and play?

Pole vaulting.

Do you need a degrees for soccer?

Ofcourse not! Soccer is not some boring dead-end job. It is a versatile and dynamic sport! All you need is passion,commitment,ability and talent to play the sport.

Do Indians play cricket or watch cricket?

Yes, Indian play and watch cricket. Cricket is more than a sport in India. People consider it as a religion.

Why is squash not an Olympic sport?

It's so annoying that it isn't. I think it's the best sport to play and watch. I play at a national level and i hope that it will be in the Olympics soon! :)

What is a mainsteam sport?

Sports that the majority of people play and/or watch. Examples: Soccer is played worldwide, Football is a mainstream sport in america.