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Q: NCAA rules In the event of unsportsman like conduct do to excessive celebration after a touchdown what is the penalty and is it assessed on the extra pointconversion or on the kick off?
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What is the penalty for excessive celebration after a touchdown on the NFL?

15 yards for 'unsportsman like conduct'.

Penatly for excessive celebration after touchdown in college football?

fifteen yards either on the extra point of kickoff

What is the penelty for excessive celebration in the end zone?

you get a penalty and have to redo the touchdown. The above answer is wrong. Excessive celebration is a dead-ball personal foul. Because a dead-ball foul occurs after the play is over, the touchdown still stands. The 15-yard penalty is assessed on the ensuing kickoff.

Can you loose touchdown points for touchdown celebration?


Who did the first celebration from a touchdown?

Icky woods

What is the eating gesture celebration after a touchdown?

It symbolizes the person scoring the touchdown is "feeding" his teammates or ensuring when he "eats"(scoring the touchdown), they all, as a team, eat. Hope that explains it!!

What is the meaning of lifting up a football player after a touchdown?

It is just a celebration to show the person YOU DID GREAT YA!

What does Texas A and M do for their touchdown celebration?

They always fire blanks in a cannon which is one of the many traditions at Texas A&M!

What does Cam Newtons touchdown celebration mean?

He is doing like Clark Kent does when he pulls off his shirt to become Superman

What is the song just played when the patriots scored against the tenn titans?

The Patriots touchdown celebration song is "This is our House" by Bon Jovi.

How did Gus Frerotte get injured to end his starting career with redskins?

He rammed his head into the padded cement wall in celebration after running for a touchdown and sprained his neck from the impact.

How many blocked field goals in the historyof the nfl have been run back for a touchdown?

1 that I know of Buffalo vs Atlanta 2009 Atlanta tried to kick a field goal unfortunately it was blocked 2 players from Buffalo lateraled the ball back in forth and one stepped into the in zone and there was a flag on Buffalo excessive celebration but that didn't matter though.