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Q: What is the Indianapolis Colts touchdown song?
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Who is the all-time leading passer for the Indianapolis Colts for tds?

Peyton Manning has thrown the most touchdown passes in Indianapolis Colts history.

How many touchdown passes does Peyton Manning have?

399 for the Indianapolis Colts

Which Indianapolis Colts player scored the last touchdown in the RCA Dome?

Anthony Gonzalez

How many touchdown passes has Peyton Manning thrown to Reggie Wayne?

When Peyton Manning was the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, he threw 67 touchdown passes to Reggie Wayne.

Who scored the first touchdown for the Indianapolis Colts?

Curtis Dickey. Dickey scored the first TD, on a 3 yard run, in a regular season game for the Indianapolis Colts on September 2, 1984 against the New York Jets.

Which Player and team scored the first touchdown in Super Bowl 2010?

Indianapolis Colts - Peyton Manning Pass to Pierre Garcon

Jeff Saturday scored a touchdown?

Jeff Saturday of the Indianapolis Colts scored a touchdown on an offensive fumble recovery. The touchdown was scored in a 38-34 Indy win over New England in the 2007 AFC Championship Game.

What is the Indianapolis Colts entrance song?

Blue Sunday by The doors or John Fluker

When was Indianapolis Colts created?

Indianapolis Colts was created in 1953.

Where are the Indiana colts from?

The Indianapolis Colts are from Indiana.

What city in Indianapolis do the colts play?

Since 1984 the Indianapolis Colts play in, you guessed it, Indianapolis.

When were the colts created?

The colts were created in Baltimore until they moved to Indianapolis and became the Indianapolis colts.