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Severe rains can cause flash flooding, a rapid rise in the height and speed of the river, which means an increased level of difficulty for rafters. It doesn't have to rain where the rafter is in order for the flood to impact him; the rain can occur far upstream.

Also the severe rain can cause the mud-rock flow from the two sides of the river, because the most rafting site is in the river which locate in the middle of the mountains.

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Q: Is white water rafting dangerous in rain?
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What is rafting?

White water rafting is a popular type of outdoor sport, especially in the United States. Also called simply rafting, white water rafting is an exciting aquatic adventure that can be enjoyed by individuals of all skill levels with proper guiding and instruction. In some areas of the United States, white water rafting is available year round, although it is generally seasonal, depending on snow pack, rain, and dam release schedules. White water rafting uses specialized rubber rafts that are very sturdy and flexible. These rafts can accommodate a wide range of people, depending on need and build, although eight to ten individuals is a standard number. All the rafters have paddles, which are used to guide and propel the raft through the water. With a trained guide, it is possible to have a raft with only one or two experienced people and a crew of novices, depending on the difficulty of the waters being rafted. The excitement in white water rafting comes from the white water, a term referring to the level of turbulence in the river, or rapids. White water can be caused by changes in elevation to the riverbed, rocks or other obstacles in the water, and flow from snow melt and rain. White water rapids have a range of classes, from one, which indicates small, slow moving rapids that are safe for all levels of experience, to six, which indicates a dangerous and perhaps never tested rapid that should only be attempted by professionals. Rafters can take short trips consisting of a few hours and culminating at a pickup point further down the river, or longer expeditions that combine white water rafting and camping. Especially in the West, longer camping and rafting trips are quite popular and a wonderful way to see nature, often quite intimately. A wide range of white water rafting companies exist, many of which provide a range of experiences, from adventures geared towards more professionally trained individuals to family rafting trips, on which rafters will rarely encounter anything above a two. There is an element of risk to rafting even on class one rapids, which can be alleviated by taking basic training, wearing safety gear, and obeying the instructions of your guide at all times. Basic swimming abilities are also strongly recommended in case of emergency. Especially when rafting higher classes, it is assumed that rafters have professional training and a much better knowledge of their abilities. In more highly rated rapids, safety precautions should always be observed to prevent injury, and rafters should be aware of prevailing weather conditions as well. When done with safety in mind, white water rafting is great fun and a fantastic way to get in touch with the outdoors. * is rafting and how it is done? what are the requirements? 'Rafting' is also a term used when multiple boats tie up together side-by-side.

Where is the best place to have a white water rafting in North Carolina?

There isn't any rafting right near Raleigh. You're going to have to travel a little bit. Here are a few options, class levels, and good outfitters to go with. Remember that the Southeast is in a major drought (us mountain folk are worse off than you Piedmont peeps!). You'll definitely get some good rafting come spring. Contact the outfitters directly and ask when is good for running each particular river. Some are dam released (Nanty, Ocoee, Pigeon, Cheoah) while others depend on rain and will only be really great runs in the spring. All are located 4-7 hours from Raleigh. white water rafting is great in North Carolina price.

What dangerous precipitation is produced when sulfur compounds react with water in the atmosphere?

Acid rain It is called Acid rain.

What dangerous precipitation is produce when sulfur compounds react with water the atmosphere?

Acid rain It is called Acid rain.

What Is dangerous precipitation is produced when sulfur compounds react with water in the atmosphere?

Acid rain It is called Acid rain.

White Water Rafting For Beginners On The East Coast?

What do you do for excitement? Go out to dinner? Go for a walk? Maybe you even play in a recreational softball league or bowling league. But what about something a little more adventurous? Something that can get the adrenaline and blood flowing like you have never experienced before? How about white water rafting? You might be thinking white water rafting is too dangerous, but as long as you stick to the safety guidelines, listen to the instructions, and go white water rafting on rapids that match your skill level, you should be fine. If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re a beginner. That being the case, you want to begin with Class 1 rapids. Rapids are categorized as Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, and Class 5. Class 1 rapids are the easiest and Class 5 rapids are the most difficult. All beginners should start with Class 1 rapids. After a few sessions, you should be ready for Class 2 rapids. Class 3 rapids should only be attempted with an experienced guide; however, they can be a lot of fun. They are on that fine line between exciting and dangerous. Class 4 rapids should only be attempted by expert rafters. And Class 5 rapids are left for the professionals. Is it possible to become a “professional’ white water rafter? Yes. All you have to do is prove that you’re capable of handling all classes of rapids. You will earn a certificate once you have shown you can handle each class. Once 4 certificates are collected, you can try for Class 5. If you live in the northeast and you have never been white water rafting before, the ideal place to practice is on the Delaware Water Gap. There are several white water rafting companies in that area and each one will help you out with everything you need to know and do. You can also choose between how long you would like to raft for. Most places offer 4, 7, and 12 mile trips. No, you will not be traversing the rapids the entire time. There is plenty of calm water as well. The rapids range between Class 1 and Class 3 in this area. A lot will depend on the time of year and how much rain has fallen. If you live in the southeast, your best bet will be the U.S. National Whitewater Center, which has the largest manmade river in the world.

Is evaporation dangerous to us?

no, its simply water vapor, but with pollution acid rain could be some kind of a threat.

Why do clouds go black before it rains when water is clear and water vapour is white?

They are white because things that are high are usually white and they are holding rain but it didnt form yet! ********************

How is rain dangerous?

Rain can be dangerous in several ways. Heavy rain can lead to flash floods, which can result in rapid rising water levels that pose a threat to life and property. Rain can also reduce visibility on roads, increasing the risk of accidents. Additionally, rain can make surfaces slippery, increasing the likelihood of falls and injuries.

How dangerous is acid rain to people?

It can't burn you, so it's not dangerous in that way, but it can kill plants, trees and small animals. If you drink water from lakes and rivers that acid rain has fallen in, it could make you ill. Acid rain can also cause damage to buildings, especially ones built from stone.

What does white rain mean?

White rain is a term for hair spray

Why do white tigers like the rain so much?

Tigers by nature enjoy water and are even known to swim across rivers and underneath water to catch prey. White tigers, like most tigers in general, will go out in the rain to cool off.