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Ice Hockey and ice skating do not begin with you, but if wiki answers changed "I" to "you" then inline skating would be one, i don't know if that would be considered a sport though.

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Q: Is there any sports other than ice hockey and ice skating that begin with you?
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What are good sports for girls?

Soccer, gymnastics, hockey/field hockey, ice skating, basketball, and almost any other sport other than football. Well I think girls can play any sports that they want to. EVEN FOOTBALL.

How many women play sports?

There are millions of women currently who play sports. Women now play basketball, soccer, football, hockey, and several other sports.

What are some of Canada's most popular sports?

the same thing as America mostly. thou Canada pays more attention to hockey and lacrosse. there are other sports like football, soccer , curling , basketball, etc

What sports are played with an odd number of periods other than baseball and hockey?

Hockey is played with an even number of players on the ice. Center, Left wing, right wing, Left Defense, Right Defense, Goalie = 6 Basketball is played with and odd number of people and so is Golf

What are the similarities and differences between the Summer?

Summer olypmics are events surrounding sports such as swimming, track and field, weightlifting, etc etc. The winter Olympics only have events that are ice and snow related, like skating, hockey, skiiing and other things like snowboarding and such. The winter olypmics are held during the winter time and the summer Olympics are held during the summer. The Olympics are also similar because they bring many countries together and they all participate in many sports. Also gold, silver, and bronze are given out. Also they are both held every four years (or two years after each other).

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Other than curling what are the only other three winter Olympic sports held indoors?

Speed skating (long track and short track), ice hockey, and figure skating.

What other sports are played in Finland besides soccer and hockey?

Skiing, figure skating, tennis and swimming, among others.

What other types of skating are there?

Some different types of skating are Hockey, Figure Skating, and Speed Skating.

What sports are played in Yukon?

Well, Badminton is one. Other than that, I'm sure they play... things like skiing or ice-skating or hockey. Probably hockey.

What are good sports for girls?

Soccer, gymnastics, hockey/field hockey, ice skating, basketball, and almost any other sport other than football. Well I think girls can play any sports that they want to. EVEN FOOTBALL.

What sports are included in the 2010 winter games?

Curling, speed skating, Skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey, and many more in other of those categories

What sports do people from Saskatchewan play?

they play many sports like broomball hockey basketball mostly the same sports as Americans but more ice sports like curling ice skating and other ice things in the winter olyimpiacs

What is the favorite sport in Russia?

The most popular or favorite sport in the country of Russia is hockey. Other popular sports include soccer, ice skating, and tennis.

Is figure skating and ice skating different?

Yes, figure skating and ice skating are different. Hockey is a more challenging sport than figure skating. However, you may receive severe injuries in both sports. In ice hockey, you may have to slam against each other, and search for the small puck to score a goal. Ice hockey is also more of a sport that involves teamwork. Figure skating is a more elegant, sophisticated sport. You may have a partner, you may not. You have to preform various artistic movements and you will be judged on how flawlessly you preform them. In ice hockey, you will be judged on how many scores your team gets during the game.

What are the Traditions in Canada?

Enjoying the outdoors, camping, visiting a cottage, swiming, boating, skating, skiing, hockey, hiking, and any other outdoor sports or activities they can, weather permitting of course.

What other sports did Stephanie Rice played?


What sports do they play in Ontario?

Hockey and lacrosse. They also play other sports too.

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