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Jai Alai (english pronunciation hi-li) is known as "the fastest sport in the world." There are three walls, left, right, and front in play. The ball, known as the pelota is thrown and caught, either on the fly or after one bounce. There are 14 horizontal lines on the court used in play. There are two players on each team called front court, or back court. The back court player serves to the other team. First team to 7 points wins. Played in round robin format and after a team is out they return to the end of the line to play again.

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Every round, a player starts by serving. The serve must bounce the ball past the line on the court and ricochet the ball off the wall and down between lines four and seven. Failing to serve properly gives the other team a point. Other players catching the serve cannot allow the ball to bounce more then once before they catch it, and must immediately return the ball against the wall or they give the other team the point. All walls are legal targets to play against. First to 7 points wins.

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