Is stl the best team in the NL?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, the Milwaukee Brewers are

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Q: Is stl the best team in the NL?
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What team is the best in the NL central?

Milwuakee Brewers

What nl team has best record since all star game?


What channel is the 2009 all-star game on?

It's on FOX. It Starts at 8:00 ET, July 14 at Busch Stadium, Home of the St. Louis Cardinals. The players who will be there are: 1b: M. Teixeira, NYY (AL) A. Pujols, STL (NL) 2b: D. Pedroia, BOS, (AL) C. Utley, PHI (NL) 3b: E. Longoria, TB, (AL) D. Wright, NYM (NL) SS: D. Jeter, NYY, (AL) H. Ramirez, FLA (NL) C: J. Mauer, MIN (AL) Y. Molina, STL (NL) LF: J. Bay, (AL) R. Ibanez, PHI (NL) RF: I. Suzuki, (AL) R. Braun, MIL (NL) CF: J. Hamilton (AL) C. Beltran (NL)

What do you mean by brewers?

the Milwaukee Brewers, the best baseball team in the NL Central. Go Brew Crew the Milwaukee Brewers ARE in the NL central.they are located at Milwaukee,Wisconsin. And their park name is MIller Park.

Say if the nl team won the all star game would the nl team in the world series get home field advantage?

YES...That is why the game means more now...

How does the DH work in the World Series?

When their is a AL team is the home there is a dh. When a NL team is the home team there is no dh.

Which National League team has the 2nd most world series wins?

If you mean "Which NL team happens to be the team that has, after the Yankees, the second most titles?", then the answer is the Saint Louis Cardinals. If you mean "Which team has, after the Cardinals, won the most titles as a NL team?", the answer is the Dodgers -- five in Los Angeles and one in Brooklyn.

When did Colorado Rockies become a team?

they became an offical team on April 9th 1993 when they joined the NL West

What is the first line in an stl file?

The first line in an STL file is a line that is in relation to the file formatting of an STL file. STL files are based on the stereolithoscopy system.

When was the braves 14 division title streak?

1991-2005. It should have been fifteen, but the MLB went on strike in 1994 in August and the Braves were the best team in the NL

When was STL Interactive created?

STL Interactive was created in 2007.

What rules are used in the World series al or nl?

It follows the rules of the home team.