Is rollerblading a sport

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes rollerblading is a sport they often have races or competitions of this around the world.

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No Even Though There Are Tournaments Rollerblading is not a certified sport

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Q: Is rollerblading a sport
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Rollerblading is a generic name for what sport?

Inline skating

Is is considered sad to go and practice sport like Skateboarding or rollerblading alone?


Is rollerblading a good sport to lose weight?

NO!!!!!!!!!! Swimming is the best sport to do ~ its not like its a bad sport to do. i am pretty sure u can loose weight as long as u dont take breaks and u have a scedule of doing it

Why is rollerblading fun?

Basically because Rollerblading gives you thrill. When you go fast and do stunts, it makes you feel exhilirated and you get to do it with friends.

Why is rollerblading important?

Rollerblading transforms the urban environment, it converts what was once an alienating, industrial wasteland into an interactive, usable space.

Is rollerblading a non aerobic exercise?


What are the ratings and certificates for Teletubbies - 1997 Rollerblading 1-162?

Teletubbies - 1997 Rollerblading 1-162 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

How many miles of rollerblading equal one mile of running?

How many miles of rollerblading equal one mile of running?answer:4,000 miles

Where is rollerblading mostly played?

Skate park

How do you pronounce rollerblading in french?


What is a blader?

A blader is a person who enjoys rollerblading.

What Is a 6 letter name for rollerblading waitress?