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Q: Is is considered sad to go and practice sport like Skateboarding or rollerblading alone?
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Can you just play alone?

yes! you can practice by yourself

People are around you are you still considered alone?

So what if there are people around you? Do you know them? Do you talk to them? Are they your friends? If no, then you can be considered alone. Alone with a huge group of strangers, you're still alone.

What Do you do when you have no one to play with?

Practice alone, or learn solo pieces.

What to do when you have no one to play with?

Practice alone, or learn solo pieces.

In how many people practice polygamy?

30000 people alone in the USA

How do you practice martial arts at home?

Practice! One of the primary purposes of kata or forms is to provide a good way to practice alone and pretty much anywhere. Practice stances while doing household activities.

Why man alone can be considered a person?

Because it's singular.

How many people work in a marriage counseling place?

Marriage counselors can be in private practice alone or in a group practice, which would have multiple therapists / counselors.

How do you get more confident in your dancing?

You must practice alone but also try to practice with someone, your family or a close friend is good for then you now what it is like to dance publicly

What did the Romans allow the Jews to practice their religious beliefs?

The Romans allowed everyone to practice their religious beliefs, the Jews were no exception. As long as a religion did not advocate treason or decadence and the participants paid their taxes, Rome let them alone. But if the religion were considered harmful to the state in any way, then the Romans came down hard on it.

Define in it of itself?

The correct phrase is "in and of itself" which means "considered alone"

What part of speech is by the oven?

In a sentence, "by the oven" would be considered a prepositional phrase. The word "by" alone is a preposition, the word "the" alone is an article, and the word "oven" alone is a noun.

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