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The purpose of Crampons is to gain purchase on slick ice when Mountaineering or ice climbing. Since ice has little to no friction the crampons spikes allow you walk or climb with out slipping or falling.

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crampons are a spiked metal, horse shoe like attachment to the bottom of your boots for snow and ice climbing

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Rock climbing, especially with glaciers or other ice

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Q: In what sport would you use crampons?
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What sport uses Crampons?

mountain climbing, particularly in icy areas

Are crampons necessary to climb Mt Adams or can you use snowshoes?

Use crampons. The snow is too hard for snowshoes.

How do you say cleats in french?

cleats (metal or plastic parts you have under the sole of sport shoes) are called 'des crampons' in French. Hence shoes designed for soccer or rugby are sometimes called 'des chaussures à crampons"

What part of speech is crampons?

Crampons (traction devices used for ice climbing) is a noun.

What are shoe crampons made of?

Crampons are devices which are put on shoes to help the wearer achieve better mobility in the snow or other harsh climates. Shoe crampons are commonly made from alloys or metals. The most common metal used for crampons is steel.

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What are the metal spike on hiking boots called?

If you are referring to ice-walking equipment then they are "crampons". Otherwise there are no metal spikes on hiking boots.

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