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A full count in Baseball is when the count is 3-2, three balls and two strikes. Four balls is a walk, in which the batter is awarded first base, and three strikes is an out. BPL

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Q: In baseball what is a full count?
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What sport has the term 'full count' used in it?

In baseball when a batter has three balls and two strikes against him/her it is called a full count.

In baseball how many balls would make a full count?


What is a 3 2 count in baseball?

A 3-2 count is also known as a full count. 3=the number of balls the batter has. 2= the number of strikes the batter has.

What does the term full count mean in softball?

It is the same as in baseball. 3 balls and 2 strikes

Arent there a total of 6 outs in a full inning of baseball?

The answer is yes if you count both teams turn at bat ! Which is considered a full inning.

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What is a full count?

In baseball, this is when the batter has a 'count' of three balls and two strikes. It is called a full count because the batter cannot get another ball or strike without the at bat ending ... one more ball will cause a base on balls (walk) and one more strike will be a strikeout.

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