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Very doubtful.

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Q: If you throw 80 miles per hour at the age of 13 right handed can you get that fast in a year or two left handed?
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How do you throw a tailing fast ball?

a tailing fastball is also called a two-seam fastball. and you grip it parallel to the seams on the thinnest part of the seams. if you throw it hard enough, it will tail. if you are a right handed pitcher, it will tail in to a right handed batter.

How fast can troy tulowitzki throw?

135 miles

If you throw football 70 yards how fast can you throw baseball?

I'm guessing between 95 & 105 miles per hour

Who is faster right handed people or left handed people?

It depends. Left handed but people who write with both are same. If you write with left then you could be slow because you have to move your left 'cos you write left-to-right. If you write with right then you could be fast because it is easier.

How do you throw a screw ball?

A screw ball from a right handed pitcher breaks into a right handed batter. It must be throw overhanded and hard like a fastball, however, your wrist must twist to the left -- counter clockwise. Imagine opening a door by turning the handle up and to the left. Hold the seams with two fingers, and fire away.

How fast does a javelin travel?

the speed at the point of release can be up to 70 miles per hour in the Olympic Games it depends how hard you throw it. the harder you throw, the faster it will be. there is no average speed

How fast can the OSTRICH fly?

As fast as you can throw them ;)

How fast do marbles roll?

As fast as you throw them...

How fast do you have to go to travel 6 miles in ten seconds?

216 miles per hour. If I did the math right

Who fast can cheetahs run?

How fast do you drive on the highway? 65-70 miles per hour, right? Well, that's how fast a cheetah can run.

How fast can a basball travel?

Depends how fast you throw it

How fast does a rzr 170 go?

As fast as you can throw it.