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Usually about 2,000 dollars

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this question does not make any sense

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Q: How much does it cost to go Zorbing?
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Is there any place in the US that you can go zorbing?

yes, in the smoky mountains in tennesee. The inventors of zorbing have a new website; that lists two new places to go zorbing with OGO: Amesbury Sports Park, Massachusetts, and Ski Roundtop, Pennsylvania

Where is zorbing in Lucknow?

call me on 09833699687 for zorbing in lucknow

Where is the word zorbing derived from?

"Zorbing" is an invented word by Andrew Akers (one of the co-inventors alongside Dwane van der Sluis). The word Zorb is an adaptation of "orb" with the letter "z" added as part homage to New Zealand (where zorbing was created). Go to the inventors' website for further information about the development of zorbing.

What services does UK Zorbing provide?

UK Zorbing is a service that provides a chance for people who want an adrenaline rush a chance to do some zorbing. Zorbing is where people dive into a big ball and race down a hill.

Where might one go to try the sport Zorbing?

The sport of Zorbing originated in the country of New Zealand. The sport has since caught on nationwide and can now be played or tried in many European and North American countries.

Is zorbing preferred more by males or females?

The number of males and females going zorbing is about 50:50

What are some skills for zorbing?

* * * *

Can you go zorbing in Ohio?

The only official ZORB site in the USA is located in Pigeon Forge, TN.

What are the rules on zorbing?

mainly just to not go with other people, and try not to run into other objects ~hope it helped!

What equipment do you need for zorbing?


Where can someone purchase a Zorbing ball?

There are many online retailers selling zorbing balls these days. Anywhere from auction sites where you should pick up a cheap bargain to specialist websites who sell quality branded zorbing balls.

Where did zorbing come from?

Zorbing was invented in New Zealand in the 1990's by Dwane van der Sluis and Andrew Akers. Go to for a complete history and timeline of the activity of zorbing. OGO Inc is owned by the inventors of zorbing in New Zealand and includes photos and video footage of early trials of zorbing in New Zealand.