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Theoretically, a polished amateur player could be drafted, sign a $10 million + signing bonus, then never play well enough to make the majors. I believe that if he is signed to a major league contract (which can be done even if he plays in the minors) that he'd be paid the league minimum of $400kish while in the minors.

Also, it is possible for someone like Barry Zito to be assigned to the minors (if he accepted the demotion) and still collect his major league salary.

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Yes...sort of. The players get the pro-rated amount. For instance, if a player is calle dup for 10 games, the league minimum is divided by the 162 games, and the player would get 10x the single game amount.

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The minor league player who is called up earns the major league minimum salary prorated for each game. I believe the minimum salary is $480,000. Divide that by 162 and you get $2,963. Roundabout. So if he plays one game in the major leagues he earns $2,963 for that game. Multiply that by however many games he plays. I've heard people say they don't earn the league minimum. But they absolutely do. Just at a per game rate. Trust me. Most minor leaguers go from earning about $400 dollars per week to about $740 dollars per at bat in the majors. It's a big difference.

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When a minor league player gets called up to the majors, they will get paid by the major league team. Many times, the minor league team is owned by the major league team.

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Q: How much do minor league player make if they are called up?
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The maximum a first year minor leaguer can make is $1,100 a month. After the first year, there is no monthly maximum so the player could make more. All contracts are negotiated by the major league team. The minor league team is responsible for operational expenses but not for contract expenses. A minor leaguer player does make good money but major leaguers make way more!! A first year player will make approx. $850 a month, then each year earn a raise. If a player moves up in the organization then a new contract is purchased and the salary increase. Minor Leaguers don't make good money till at least AA level. This is the reason that players whom get drafted ask for a larger signing bonus to make things easier month to month. AAA Players make good money. AAA contracts get a much higher salary. A Major league contract has a minimum salary of approx. 750K. All Contracts are the property of the organization and get really complicated based on performance and experience.

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