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they can be more prone to knee related injuries, such as ACL tears due to high intensity straight knee landing or impact since the knee is already in a weak position

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Q: How might this anatomical arrangement contribute to knee injuries in female athletes?
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What individuals are at high risk for maxillofacial injuries?

Athletes are particularly at risk of maxillofacial injuries.

What are injuries that affect athletes?

concussions, torn ligaments, trauma

List of some famous athletes injuries?

florence nightingale was a egg head and had an onion breath to injured athletes

What is the percentage of professional athletes getting hurt?

It depends what kind of injuries you're talking about, and in what time span. All athletes suffer from minor injuries all the time, but those are obviously temporary. Serious injuries that take a while to recover happen to most athletes at some point in their carreer. Specific percentages is hard to say.

How can being knock-kneed contribute to knee injuries?

Balance issues causing falls and injuries.

Each year musculoskeletal injuries are responsible for a large number?

Of injuries. Athletes, young kids, and those who do strenuous work will have to be careful in order to avoid these injuries.

Why do many athletes use Rolfing?

Many amateur and professional athletes, including Olympic skaters and skiers, use Rolfing to keep in top condition, to prevent injuries, and to more quickly recover from injuries.

Why are olympic athletes wearing yellow shoes?

There are more foot injuries in olympic athletes who go barefoot, and they have more problems with traction.

Are younger athletes at more of a risk for injuries?

No. Because they are playing other kids their age.

What is a quote for being a hero to athletes trapped with sports related injuries?

whats up

Why Illnesses and Injuries are associated with sports participation in football?

Athletes that participate in football can suffer from traumatic head and knee injuries, concussions, and broken bones. This occurs because football is a contact sport and athletes often get hit while playing.

How can competitive sports contribute to injuries?

broken bones crushed organs