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There are the following types of bunt: * Sacrifice bunt: A bunt that attempts to move the runner(s) to the next base(s), with the expectation that the bunter himself will be thrown out. A sacrifice bunt only occurs when there's a runner on base. The bunter usually turns to face the pitcher before the pitcher releases the ball, remains standing with both feet on the ground until after the ball hits the bat, and only begins running to first after the ball is bunted. * ** Squeeze play: A sacrifice bunt where the bunter is attempting to score a runner from third base. This is particularly difficult since the fielder will usually pick up the ball while charging home plate, with a short and fairly easy throw home. There are two types of squeeze play, described below. ** *** Suicide squeeze: A squeeze play where the runner from third starts running home as soon as the ball is pitched. If the bunter fails to make contact, the runner is usually easily tagged out by the catcher. *** Safety squeeze: A squeeze play where the runner from third starts running only after the ball is bunted. The "safety" is that the runner won't be caught on a ball that wasn't put in play. * Bunting for a base hit: There's no special name for this, but unlike a sacrifice bunt, the bunter's primary intention is to get on base. The bunter doesn't show that he's bunting until after the pitcher releases the ball, and the bunter starts running to first as the ball hits the bat. * ** Drag bunt: A left-handed hitter bunts down the first base line, while beginning to run to first. It's called a drag bunt because he appears to be dragging the ball with him as he takes his first steps towards first base.

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Q: How many types of bunts are there?
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