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For the last 4 years of pro, he has gotten 52 touchdowns in rushing, and 2 touchdowns by receiving.

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Q: How many touchdowns has Adrian Peterson scored?
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How many career touchdowns did Adrian Peterson have in his career?

As of Dec 14th 2009 he has 77 touchdowns from college to the NFL.

How many touchdown did Adrian Peterson make in 2005?

With Oklahoma University, Adrian Peterson scored a total of 14 TDs in 2005.

How many touchdowns did Adrian Peterson have his freshman year at Oklahoma?

339 att, 1925 yds, 15 TDs

How many yards did Adrian Peterson have in college?

Adrian Peterson ran for 4,057 yards on on 747 attempts for the Sooners. He also scored 41 touchdown's in his 3 season's.

How many touchdowns have been scored by ou?

153 touchdowns in 2008-2009

How many touchdowns was scored by the falcons last year?

A total of 43 touchdowns were scored by the Atlana Falcons last year.

How many career yards does Adrian Peterson have?

He has the single game rushing record in the NFL with 296 yards.

How many trophies Adrian Peterson have?

67 to be exact

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