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A total of 43 touchdowns were scored by the Atlana Falcons last year.

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Q: How many touchdowns was scored by the falcons last year?
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How many touchdowns has Adrian Peterson scored?

For the last 4 years of pro, he has gotten 52 touchdowns in rushing, and 2 touchdowns by receiving.

How many touchdowns per game did the Philadelphia Eagles average last year?

The 2008 Eagles scored 45 touchdowns in 16 regular season games for an average of 2.8 TDs scored per game.

How many touchdowns have the giants scored?

The Giants have scored 15 touchdowns in the 2008-09 season as of week 6.

How many touchdowns has reggie Wayne scored?

Reggie Wayne has scored a total of 9825 touchdowns in his career and counting!

How many touchdowns have been scored by ou?

153 touchdowns in 2008-2009

How many touchdowns are scored in an average NFL game?


How many touchdowns were scored in the 2011 super bowl?


How many touchdowns have the Pittsburgh Steelers scored in their history?


How many touchdowns did Jerry rice score?

Jerry Rice scored 208 touchdowns during his college/pro career.

How many touchdowns has Tim Tebow scored in his collegiate career?

Tim Tebow threw for 88 passing touchdowns and rushed for 57 touchdowns, to give him a total of 145 total touchdowns in his collegiate career.

How many touchdowns were scored in the 2009 Super Bowl?

4 tuochdowns

How many touchdowns were scored the biggest college football victory?


How many touchdowns did the patriots have super bowl XLIX?

The Patriots scored 4 touchdowns in Super Bowl XLIX. They won 28-24.

How many touchdowns has Tim Tebow scored?

In college, Tim Tebow had 145 touchdowns, 88 passing and 57 rushing. In the NFL, Tebow has 29 touchdowns, 17 passing and 12 rushing.

How many touchdowns did the Pittsburgh Steelers score in 2003?

In 2003, the Steelers offense scored 29 touchdowns (19 passing, 10 rushing). Their defense also returned two interceptions for touchdowns.

How many touchdowns did Santonio Holmes score in 2010?

Santonio Holmes scored six touchdowns in 2010 for the New York Jets.

How many touchdowns did the Colts score in Super Bowl 44?

They scored two touchdowns and one field goal making their total score 17.

How many touchdowns has Ray Lewis scored in his career?

2, both on interception returns.

How many touchdowns did Terry Bradshaw have in the NFL?

terry Bradshaw has scored 212 touchdowns in his spectacular NFLcareer has only thrown 210 interceptions.

How many touchdowns did Jerome Bettis score in his NFL career?

Jerome Bettis scored 94 touchdowns during his 13 year NFL career. He had 91 rushing touchdowns and 3 receiving.

How many touchdowns did Walter Payton score in the 1977 season?

Walter Payton scored 16 touchdowns in the 1977 season, and earned the Associated Press MVP award.

How many touchdowns did Walter Payton score in college?

Payton scored 65 TD's in college.

How many touchdowns did the New England Patriots have for the 2010 season?

They scored a total of 64 touchdowns: 5 defensive, 3 special teams, 19 rushing, and 37 passing

How many touchdowns did Jerry Rice score on Deion Sanders?

Jerry Rice has scored 14 touchdowns against Sanders.think you will find he scored 14 against teams sanders played for not when he was covered by sanders

How many touchdowns did Hines Ward have between 1999-2007?

Between 1999-2007, Hines Ward scored 66 touchdowns, 65 receiving and 1 rushing.