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only ever happened once on the weekend of 27/28 November 2010

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Q: How many times have all league 2 teams scored on one Saturday?
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How many times have players scored for and against their own teams in the premier league league?


How many times 400 scored by teams in odi?

9 times

What player scored 3 times at wembly for 3 different teams against the same goalkeeper?

who scored a goal at wembley with 3 diffrent teams against same goalkeeper

How many times has all the 20 teams in the premiership scored in a particular round of matches?

two times

How many times has the premier league teams won the premier league?

Every time

How many times have Chelsea scored 7 goals in a league game at home?


How many times has Steven Gerrard scored in premier league?

76 goals in 350 appearances.

How many times havd robin van persie scored a hatrick?

Once in the league for Arsenal.

What teams have won the league the most times?

Manchester United & Liverpool (18 Each)

How many premier league goals has Ryan Giggs scored?

By the start of the 08-09 season, Giggsy had scored 96 goals in the Premier League, having scored 5 before the premier league's inception in 92-93. He has now scored 100 premier league goals!

When did Lou Gehrig get his award for the most runs scored?

Lou Gehrig led Major League Baseball in runs scored three times during his career.167 (1936)163 (1931)138 (1933)In 1935, Gehrig led the American League in runs scored, with 125.

Who scored on his own nets?

Paul Coffey has done it three times with three different teams - Pittsburgh, LA, and Detroit. R.A.D.