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It depends on how many runners are on base. ( 3-4 runs, 2-3 runs, 1-2 runs, 0-1 run)

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Q: How many runs in baseball is a home run?
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How many runs in baseball is a home run with 1 runner on base?

2 home runs ==== There are two runs that score. One run is the person on base and the second run is the person who hit the home run.

How many runs does it take to make a grand slam home run in baseball?

A grand slam is a home run hit while the bases are loaded and when hit will score four runs.

What is home run derby in baseball?

a home run derby is whoever hits the most home runs win

Who is the all-time leader in Home-runs and how many did he hit?

Barry Bonds is Baseball's all time home run leader with 762 career home runs.

What do you call four runs with one hit in baseball?

A home run

What is the Major League Baseball home run record?

The MLB home run record is held by Barry Bonds with 762 home runs.

How many points is a home run in baseball?

In baseball a "point" is called a "run" One home run with no runners on base counts as 1 run. If there are runners on base each runner is counted as 1 additional run. There cannot be more than 3 runners on base. If a home run is hit with 3 runners on base the home run counts as 4 runs. Also when a batter gets a homer, the batter also counts as a run. EX: Runner on 1st, home run would count as 2 runs!

Who was the baseball home run king in the 1920?

In 1920, Babe Ruth shattered the home run record (29) by hitting 54 home runs.

How many home runs do you have to get to be in the home run derby?

there is no specific amount a player gets into the derby by being recommended by major league baseball and accepting the offer

What MLB baseball park is easiest to hit a home run?

The New Yankee Stadium is the easiest to hit a home run in. There have already been many record breaking stats involving home runs and the new stadium.

What is a way to score in baseball?

Home run the name for the numbers that state the score On a scoreboard are runs

What is a way to score in a baseball?

Home run the name for the numbers that state the score On a scoreboard are runs

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