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saina nehwal practice for 8 hours in day

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Q: How many hours do saina nehwal practice?
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How many medals had Saina Nehwal won for India in commonwealth games 2010?

Saina Nehwal won a Gold Medal for India in 2010 Commonwealth Games.

How many gold medals did saina nehwal win?


How many gold medals did saina nehwal get?

Saina Nehwal has won one Commonwealth Games Gold Medal which was at the 2010 Delhi Games when she won the Women's Singles.

How many titles won by saniya nahewal?

its not 'saniya nahewal' its saina nehwal!

Saina Nehwal who received many national awards is associated with which sports?


How many medals India won in 1992 Barcelona Olympics?

India so far got two bronze medal in London Olympics one in shooting (Gagan Narang) and one in Badminton (Saina Nehwal)

How many hours do pianists practice everyday?

Pianists normally practice about 8~9 hours everyday.

How many hours does Steve Nash practice?

3 hours

Who got top national awards in India?

India is a land of award winners. This land possesses many people who have won the national awads for india! In the FILM INDUSTRY: Amitabh Bachchhan : The Actor of the millenium Nilanjana Sarkar: Female playback singer for 'housefull' In the field of SPORTS: M C Marycom Vijendar Singh Saina Nehwal

How many hours a day do pro bowlers practice?

They practice probably anywhere from 4 to 6 hours a day.

How many hours a day did Michael Johnson practice?

18 hours.

How many hours do you need to practice to be a chess grandmaster?

a lot of hours