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they are most common for NFL kickers and NFL punters because they use there leg and the power goes to the knees and sprains it.

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Q: How common are knee sprains?
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Related questions

Are ankle injuries the most common running injury?

You are right, it seems that the most common injury is ankle sprains, but along with the ankle, others include torn ACLs, pulled hamstrings, shin splints, or knee injuries.

What does ICD9 code 844.9 mean?

sprains and strains of knee and leg, unspecified site

Why are sprains and cartilage injuries a particular problem?

Sprains involve stretching or tearing of joint ligaments. Because ligaments are poorly vascularized, healing is slow. Cartilage injuries, particularly of the knee, are common in contact sports and may result from excessive twisting or high pressure. The avascular cartilage is unable to repair itself.

How can you prevent sprains?

Wearing proper shoes is best way to avoid ankle sprains. There are also supports available to resist knee, ankle, elbow, and other sprains. Of course, avoiding walking or running on uneven ground can cause sprains. The result of a sprain can often be minimized by RICE: rest , ice , compression, and elevation

What are the demographics of sprains and strains?

Sprains and strains are common. Anyone can have them. Children under age eight are less likely to have sprains than are older people. People who are active in sports suffer more strains and sprains than less active people.

Explain why sprains and injuries to joint cartilages are particularly troublesome?

Sprains involve stretching or tearing of joint ligaments. Because ligaments are poorly vascularized, healing is slow. Cartilage injuries, particularly of the knee, are common in contact sports and may result from excessive twisting or high pressure. The avascular cartilage is unable to repair itself.

Where do sprains normally occur?

Any ligament can be sprained, but the most frequently injured ligaments are at the ankle, knee, and finger joints.

What are the Causes of knee pain?

There are a huge number of causes of knee pain. Knee Pain starts either following an injury, or builds up gradually over time. The most common knee injuries are ligament and/or cartilage tears, sprains, dislocated knee and/or fractures The most common knee conditions (those that build up gradually over time) are Arthritis, Bursitis, Housemaids knee, bakers cyst, chondromalacia patella, osgood schlatters, anterior knee pain, and general muscle weakness.

What are the classifications of sprains?

There are three grades of sprains. Grade I sprains. Grade II sprains. Grade III, or third degree, sprains

What is the most common muscle injury?

Most likely ankle sprains.

What injuries can you get in rugby?

anything Another Answer; Common injuries in rugby are; Cuts and scrapes Concussion (not common, but it can happen easily) Sprains and strains, usually minor, but also of the ligaments, tendons etc. Broken bones Knee injuries Hamstring problems For more information on these injuries, and other common injuriesin rugby, check out the link below

What are three common skeletal system injuries?

Three common skeletal system injuries are fractures, dislocations, and sprains.

What are some medical conditions treated with low level laser therapy?

"Medical conditions treated with low level laser therapy are sinus pain, back sprains or strains, knee sprains or strains. This type of therapy is also used to treat skin conditions."

Is it possible to sprain your knee?

Yes. A sprain is an injury to a ligament caused when the ligament is stretched too far. Ligaments are tissue that connect bones and there are four ligaments in the knee ... the anterior cruciate, posterior cruciate, and medial collateral ligaments connect the femur to the tibia and the lateral collateral ligament connects the femur to the fibula. In sports, knee sprains are very common and can occur if the knee is twisted when the foot is planted, getting hit on the knee with the foot planted, running and then suddenly stopping and shifting your weight from one leg to the other, or landing from a jump with the knee flexed.

Do high heels lead to or increase lower back problems?

The common problems associated with long-term high heel shoe use is foot, ankle and knee complaints. These foot, ankle and knee problems could result in altered walking and standing biomechanics, which can lead to back pain. Examples of common problems that result from high heeled shoes: Foot pain Ankle sprains Hammer toes and bunions Knee joint degeneration

What are some common injuries that result from dirt bike crashes?

People may experience punctured lungs and bruised organs. Lacerations and broken bones are the most common type of injury. Knee injuries are the most common area for injury. The shoulder is in the second of the list. Collarbones and a joint in the shoulder are also extremely commonplace. Sprains are associated with less serious accidents as well.

What are some common injuries?

many common injuries are sprains, strains, minor concussive blows, fractures,eye and ear infections...

What are common knee injuries?

In football, common knee injuries involve the tendens surrounding the knee. The MCL, ACL, and PCL can be sprained or even torn. The MCL is located on the inner side of the knee, the ACL on the outer, and the PCL behind the knee.

What are the Main injuries of hockey?

The majority of injuries in hockey are legs. ancle sprains, broken legs, dislocated knee. You also see alot of concussions from hits or collisions

Sprains frequently occur in the while strains are common in the area.?

i doint know

What is the most common surgical alternative to knee replacement?

Arthroscopy is the most common surgical alternative to knee replacement. It

What is the cause of knee pain?

Knee pain is fairly common. Some of the most common causes for knee pain are torn ligaments and runner's knee. If you pain is consistent, or if you also have swelling or feel that your knee might "give out", consult your doctor right away.

What common accidents occur in food service?

There are several common accidents in the food service business. Common accidents include eye injury, falls, sprains, burns, and lacerations.

How common is total knee ligament replacement surgery?

The surgery is not complicated, however a total knee ligament replacement surgery is not common.

Is knee a common noun?

Yes, the noun 'knee' is a common noun, a word for a knee of anyone or anything.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, thing, or a title; for example:Peggy Sheahan Knee and Robert A. Knee, The Knee Law Firm LLC, Hackensack, NJKnee Street, Tatura, VIC Australia or Knee Road, Wabash, INKnee Deep Vintage (retail clothing), Chicago, IL"Knee High by the Fourth of July", a novel by Jess Lourey