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Just above the knees for guys; just above mid thigh for ladies.

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they are supose to go from the chest to upper thigh. this is stylish and effective

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Q: How long are soccer shorts supposed to be?
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What shorts do you need in soccer?

Any shorts will do. As long as they match the same/similar colour as that of your other teammates. Usually these shorts would not have pockets, and would be made out of a thin material.

What does a soccer player need to be come one?

cleats, shinguards, long socks, shorts, light jersey, and sign on a soccer league

What is the soccer unoform?

the soccer uniform is what you wear when you play soccer, exercise shorts/ soccer shorts,team jersey, soccer socks/ socks that come up to knees, shinguards(protect your shin), and cleats(soccer shoes)

What is usually worn in soccer?

cleats,shirt,shorts,[always in uniform],long socks, and a ankle protector

What do soccer players usually wear?

soccer jersey, soccer shorts, soccer socks, shinguards, and cleats.

Do soccer teams wear only shorts or only pants?

you wear pant and shorts.

What are the equipments for playing soccer?

Jersey/shirt, shorts, shin pads, socks, soccer cleats, and a soccer ball

Where can one buy soccer shorts for teenagers?

There are many places that an individual can locate and purchase soccer shorts from that would be used on a teenager. A few places that one can purchase soccer shorts for teenagers include: Wal-mart, Target, K-mart, and any sporting goods stores.

How do you say soccer shorts in french?

slip or short

What aequipment to yous for soccer?

Soccer boots with cleats or sprigs are essential depending on what ground you're playing on. shin pads and long socks. Shorts around just above the knee and a shirt

Can soccer Players wear under shorts if they are of the same color as the main color of the shorts?

I think both the jersey and shorts have to be of another co lour.

What are the players equipment of a soccer game?

The 5S's shirt, shorts, shingaurds, shoes, socks and well a soccer ball.